Finding Strength in Sadness: Practical Advice for Coping with Loss

There can be many different sources of grief. The most common sources of grief include losses such as bereavement, divorce, loss of health, or a miscarriage. Grief is a deeply personal journey, with no right way to mourn, but there can be ways of healthing ways of coping with the pain.

The Initial Shock

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The first feelings of shock or sadness can leave you feeling disoriented. In this period, it’s important to acknowledge that the range of feelings you experience will be unique for each person.

The Power of Tears

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Crying can be a therapeutic way of releasing emotions. When your body needs to cry, this can be a natural and beneficial way of coping with grief. Crying is not a shameful process – rather, it can bring some relief from built-up emotions.

The Therapy of Talking

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Seeking comfort in others can help to alleviate some of the burden. Whether with friends, family or a therapist, there is healing power to talking about loss. Sharing memories or simply expressing your emotions can relieve some emotions.

Seeking the Quiet

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While it’s important not to fully isolate yourself, there is a sense of peace that can be brought in silence. Spending time alone can help you to process your thoughts and feelings, without feeling the need to perform or express yourself clearly.

The Healing Power of Movement

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Exercise has been proven to release endorphins and improve emotional stability. Physical activity can help by improving your mood and getting you out of your bed or house.

Expression Through Art

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The process of creating something can be both rewarding and healing. Whether your medium of choice is music, art, or writing, creation can be a helpful tool in expressing your emotions and working through your grief.

The Comfort of Consistency

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Loss can feel overwhelming. When you find yourself seeking control and a sense of normalcy, creating a regular routine may be helpful. Even the most simple tasks can create a structure amidst chaos.

Accepting Help

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Friends and family will often want to offer you support and help alleviate some of your stress during this time. It’s okay to accept help from others and let them give you emotional support or help you complete your big and daily tasks.

Practicing Mindfulness

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Both meditation and the art of mindfulness can help you to keep grounded. When you focus on the present – like the sounds around you and feelings within your body – you are more likely to stay grounded and feel less anxious.

Embrace Your Memories

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If you can, try spending some time with the positive memories of your loved ones or lost experiences. Grief can be a painful process, but cherishing these moments may bring you comfort and a sense of connection.

Seeking Professional Support

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There’s no shame in seeking professional help. Whether one-on-one sessions with a therapist or group grief counseling, sometimes professional guidance can help you when emotions feel too overwhelming to handle alone.

Prioritizing Your Health

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Your physical health can help and hurt your emotional health. When you take care of your body by getting enough sleep, eating well, and avoiding substances, you may inadvertently be helping your emotional well-being.

Exploring Your Meaning

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Loss often causes us to question our purpose and meaning. Finding meaning in your loss, through spirituality, community, religion, or personal reflection, can be a powerful tool for healing.

Spending Time Outdoors

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There is a certain healing that can happen when you spend time with nature. By embracing the calmness around you in nature, you may achieve a sense of peace and perspective.

Continuing the Tradition

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For those who have lost loved ones, it may be important for you to carry on some traditions that help to keep their memory alive. You may even consider creating new rituals that provide a sense of comfort.

The Power of Giving Back

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While dealing with your own grief, you may comfort in the power of helping others. Whether volunteering or helping others to process their grief, helping others may be a meaningful way to understand and process your own emotions.

Taking Your Time

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The most important thing to remember is that grieving takes time and is unique to each person. Give yourself grace in your healing and allow yourself the patience to heal at your own pace.

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