5 DIY Home Projects to Boost Curb Appeal Without Breaking the Bank

Your home is your sanctuary and one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. It’s a way to grow equity as the market grows in value so you can one day possibly recoup some of your investment and either put it towards retirement or use the money to reinvest in your home. 

You want your home to look its best at all times, boosting its value and making its curb appeal more pleasing. There are several ways to enhance your home so it’s worth more money, from upgrading the appliances to fixing the roof. But do you ever think about your home’s exterior?

Your home’s curb appeal and landscaping needs are just as important as the interior needs of your home. If you’re on a budget, you can still do several things to boost your home’s curb appeal without going broke. Here are 5 DIY home projects to boost curb appeal without breaking the bank. You’ll also learn how to ensure you are the right professional to do the work.

Having the Right Skills as a General Contractor 

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Did you know that every state has laws regarding the legalities of being a general contractor? This is important information to know whether you want to do your DIY projects or if you decide to hire a general contractor to assist you. You’ll want to make sure whoever is doing the job is skilled and licensed to do so.

If you live in Utah, for example, you’ll have to complete years of training and an apprenticeship before preparing to take your Utah Business & Law Exam. If you live in Florida, you’ll need your Business and Finance exam passed in addition to other trade examinations, and you can prepare for these exams by checking Florida contractor continuing education requirements and maybe even taking a prep course. These are not exams that get you your license through the state; rather, these are preparatory courses you can take to make you feel more confident and ready to finalize your training and take state certification tests. 

5 DIY Home Projects That Boost Curb Appeal

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Now that you know what to do to ensure you’re capable of doing the work, here are some ideas for DIY home projects you can do to boost your property’s curb appeal. 

New Siding

New siding not only protects your home against the elements and provides better insulation, but it can also give your home a needed upgrade. Whether you choose stucco for a classic and contemporary appeal or vinyl siding for easy upkeep, new siding can make your home look brand-new. Explore options in siding that may work best for your home. If you have wood siding or cladding, you may even want to consider simply painting your home for a more modern appeal. This is a cost-effective way to give your home instant appeal without putting a lot of work into your home. 

New Sidewalks/Curbing

New sidewalks and curbing give your home a new streamlined appeal. You can also upgrade your home’s driveway if it’s cracked, stained, and dated. Use classic concrete if you’re on a major budget, or you can even use reclaimed brick, natural stone, or even road-based gravel materials to enhance your home’s exterior look. 

Tinted Windows

Tinted residential windows are a cost-effective way to make your home more protected against the sun’s harmful rays. At the same time, you give your home a modern, luxurious, and more private appeal. You can buy home window tinting kits online to install yourself in various shades and levels of protection. 

New Drainage System

When was the last time you looked at your home’s gutter and drainage system? The one you have currently may be sagging, stained, rusted, or just plain clogged and not working well. You can upgrade to a seamless gutter system that is easier to care for, install a rain gutter chain to allow water to dispel from your home more easily, or even install a French drainage system for a more discreet way to protect your home against the weather. 

Aluminum gutters are more cost-effective than other styles. You can still have aluminum gutters installed in a custom fashion, depending on color and other styles, to give your home a more modern appeal. As a bonus, managing rainwater and other moisture will protect your home’s foundation and allow you to keep soil erosion at bay.

Landscape Improvement

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to curb appeal and improving your home. If you have lots of shrubbery and other items in your yard that make your landscape look more cluttered than inviting, consider giving your landscape a revamp. You can take out shrubs and replace them with a porch swing or potted plants, or you can minimize the number of plants you have in a single area of your yard. Install solar lighting around flower beds to give your landscape a nighttime focal point when you’re done minimizing your landscape for a more crisp, defined appeal. 

Enjoying Your Home

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In the end, any modern improvements you make to your home, regardless of your budget, can give you the curb appeal you desire. Speak to your general contractor or decide for yourself which projects will be best for you based on your budget and urgency to have upgrades done. You’ll find it doesn’t take much to make your home look great both inside and out. 

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