“How Can Anyone Trust the Supreme Court?” – Supreme Court Justices Tackle the Thorny Issue of Online Free Speech Challenges

The Supreme Court has found itself mixed up in a debate around what constitutes free speech for elected officials, with no clear way out. Here’s the full story. First Amendment Boundaries The Supreme Court faced two cases that explored the boundaries of First Amendment rights for government officials using social media. The cases of O’Connor-Ratcliff … Read more

“Grand Canyon University Is a Diploma Mill” – USA’s Largest Christian University Fined $38M Over Misleading Tuition Cost Claims

Grand Canyon University has been hit with a fine of $37.7 million for deceiving its students over the cost of their education. Here’s the full story. Ungodly Amount of Money Grand Canyon University, the largest Christian university in the United States with over 100,000 students, faces a substantial $37.7 million fine from the federal government. … Read more

New Abortion Laws: More Babies, Less Maternity Care – Pro-Life Turned Pro-Dilemma! Shocking Impact on Pregnant Women!

Alabama maternity units face closure, leaving many pregnant women in trouble. Here’s the full story.  Shooting the Stork By the end of this month, two hospitals in Alabama are set to cease their maternity services, with a third following suit a few weeks later. This move will not only deprive two counties, Shelby and Monroe, … Read more

“Religion of Peace?” Survey Reveals White Evangelicals More Supportive of Political Violence than Non-Christians

A recent survey has shown a disturbing and potentially violent trend amongst white evangelicals. Here’s the full story.  Concerning Trends A recent survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) has revealed concerning trends regarding the willingness to endorse political violence among Americans. The survey found that white evangelical Americans were more likely to … Read more

“Should Resign Rather Than Disgrace the Court”: Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas Faces Ethics Probe Over Unreported Loan Forgiveness

Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas has caused even more controversy after an investigation found more unreported favors. Here’s the full story.  A Question of Ethics A recent investigation by the Senate Finance Committee has shed light on an alleged financial arrangement involving Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, raising questions about his compliance with tax and … Read more

“This Should Help the Teacher Shortage” – Sheriff Declares Intent to Detain Teachers Enforcing Gender Identity Mandates

A New York sheriff has caused outrage by claiming that he would lock up school teachers who affirm their students’ gender identity. Here’s the full story.  Lock Up Teachers A recently surfaced video reveals a New York law enforcement officer, Sheriff Mike Carpinelli, expressing his intent to arrest teachers who affirm gender identity, despite their … Read more

“An Insult to Women Across the Country” – Newly Elected House Speaker Equates Abortion to a “Holocaust”

The new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, wrote an article that has resurfaced in which he compared abortion to the holocaust. Here’s the full story.  Godwin’s Law Newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson, who recently took up the role following former Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s removal, has faced criticism for comments he made in a … Read more

“The Cruelty Is the Point” – New Bathroom Rule Sparks Controversy and Segregation Concerns for Transgender Students in Florida

A new ruling unanimously passed by the Florida Board of Education is making life more difficult for transgender students, and has led to controversy. Here’s the full story.  Obstacles to Education Transgender students in Florida have had an unfortunate and unexpected interruption to their studies in the state. A recent decision by the Florida Board … Read more

“Cooking With Gas Is Like Smoking Cigarettes.” New York’s ‘Gas Stove Ban’ Creates Controversy, Threatens Tradition

New York is poised to ban gas stoves in homes, and further environmental legislation is causing an outcry. Here’s the full story. Battle Heating Up New York is at the forefront of a heated battle against gas stoves, with lawmakers, doctors, and scientists urging Governor Kathy Hochul to support the NY Home Energy Affordable Transition … Read more

“Must Be an Election Year” – Biden Creates Technology Hubs Across U.S. and Puerto Rico to Boost Innovation

The Biden Administration has caused some controversy by creating “technology hubs” in some U.S. States, hailed as a win by some, while leaving others left out. Read on for the full story.  Innovation Boost In a significant move aimed at boosting innovation and job creation across the United States, the Biden administration is set to … Read more

“Freedom of Speech Does Not Apply to Lies”: Biden’s Supreme Court Win Raises Concerns About Censorship

The Biden Administration has got a win in the Supreme Court online censorship battle, leaving some judges concerned. Here’s the full story. Social Media Freedom The Supreme Court has tentatively sided with the Biden administration regarding a dispute related to freedom of speech and social media content.  Election Infection The case revolves around allegations that … Read more

“What Else Does One Expect From Texas?” Young GOP Group Enter Civil War Over Holocaust Deniers Comments

Texas’s young Republican circles have erupted into a divisive showdown featuring a big-money donor, a holocaust denier, and Kyle Rittenhouse. Here’s the full story. With Friends Like These The explosive culmination of a festering feud among Texas’s young Republicans came to a head this month. The catalyst for this clash was a meeting involving prominent … Read more

“Enough Is Enough.” Judge Furious as Trump ‘Blatantly’ Violates Gag Order, Threatens Him With Imprisonment

Trump is facing jail time for intimidating witnesses, mocking the judge, and violating a gag order on Truth Social. Here’s the full story.  Trump Going to Jail? The recent developments in former President Donald Trump’s bank fraud trial have brought the gravity of the situation to the forefront. While this case was initially categorized as … Read more

“There Is Plenty of Evidence to Send Traitor Trump to Prison”: Special Counsel Withdraws Subpoena Linked to Pro-Trump Fundraising Amid Ongoing Investigation

Special Counsel Jack Smith has withdrawn the subpoena related to the pro-Trump fundraising group Save America, indicating he may be scaling back the investigation. Here’s the full story.   Making Headlines Special counsel Jack Smith has made headlines by withdrawing a subpoena related to political fundraising activities tied to the 2020 presidential election. This move has … Read more

“It Is Not a Faith Issue, It’s a Truth Issue, Science Issue, Mental Health Issue.” Trans Health Official Sparks Debate with ‘Pronoun Mandate’ for HHS Employees

The Trans Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services has caused controversy by issuing a “Pronoun Mandate” for employees. Here’s the story.  New Policy, New Controversy The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has introduced a new policy affecting its 80,000 employees nationwide. This policy, known as the “Gender Identity … Read more

Leaked Report Shakes Liberty University: Allegations of Concealing Sexual Assaults Raise Concerns About ‘Right Wing Evangelical Nationalist ’Institution’

The Department of Education and Liberty University have been entangled in a contentious situation, raising questions about religious freedom and sexual assault reporting.  So Much for Liberty The nation’s most influential Christian academic institution, Liberty University, accused the Department of Education (ED) of attempting to damage its reputation by leaking a Clery Act compliance report … Read more

Bidenomics or Healthcare Crisis? Shocking 7% Jump in Health Insurance Costs Despite Slowing Inflation – What’s Behind the Surge?

Health insurance costs have risen by 7% this year, leading some to question Biden’s Economic Agenda. Read On for More.  Inflation Hits the Headlines Inflation has been making headlines lately, driving up the prices of everyday essentials like groceries and rent. But it’s not just these basic necessities that are feeling the squeeze. Health insurance … Read more

Why Does Trump Want to Buy a Gun? Because It Has His Name on It! Questions of Legality Arise Amid Ongoing Legal Challenges

Former President Donald J. Trump recently made headlines when a video surfaced of him at a gun shop in South Carolina, where he expressed interest in purchasing a Glock pistol. Is This Even Legal? The visit has sparked questions about the legality of such a purchase, given Trump’s ongoing legal challenges and criminal indictments.   Trumps … Read more