D.C. Lawmakers Take Refuge in Capitol Amidst Rising Crime Wave, Cite Safety Concerns

Washington officials reported 215 murders so far this year—quite an increase from the 157 homicides in 2022, as shown by police data.  Rep. Eric Burlison’s Revelation Rep. Eric Burlison (R-Mo.) disclosed that he and other unnamed lawmakers are taking refuge within the Capitol because they perceive D.C. as “very dangerous” at night. Safety Fears Prompt … Read more

Democrats More Likely to Support Limiting Free Speech for Political Extremists, Poll Reveals

A recent Real Clear Politics poll showed that Democrats are more likely than Republicans to support limiting the free speech rights of political extremists, revealing a significant ideological gap. The Current Partisan Divide Despite widespread support for free expression, political polarization has created divergent perspectives, particularly between Democrats and Republicans. Views on Freedom A recent … Read more

“Redefining Beauty” – Transgender Queens Made History at Miss Universe Pageant, Signaling the Beginning of a New Era for the Iconic Pageant

Two biological males have won their country’s Miss Universe pageant. They will go on to compete for the title of Miss Universe.  Two Not-So-Unlikely Winners Two transgender females made recent headlines when each won the Miss Universe pageant in their respective countries.  The Lucky Winners Marina Machete just won the Miss Portugal 2023 contest in … Read more

Biden’s Bold Assertion Backfires as President Claims Americans Are “Better off Financially,” BUT Critics Raise Concern Amidst Harsh Economic Realities

President Joe Biden recently claimed that the American people are “better off financially” than before his presidency. The claim has left many wondering if he is purposefully lying or in denial.  The Question President Biden was just asked, “Why do you think most people still don’t feel positive or feel good news about the economy?” … Read more

“He’s a Criminal, but Is Justice Blind?” – Eli Lake Criticizes NY Attorney General Letitia James in Trump Legal Saga

A known Democrat has used X as a platform to call out the corrupt actions of New York’s Attorney General Letitia James over the civil lawsuit she is currently pursuing against Trump.  Eli Lake’s Surprising Defense You know you’ve crossed a line when members of your own party take to X (formerly Twitter) to call … Read more

“Guaranteed Income for Trans People” – San Francisco Taxpayers Express Outrage Over City’s Controversial Spending on Black and Latino Transgender Projects

Judicial Watch reveals that San Francisco directs tax dollars towards black and Latino transgender individuals through its “Guaranteed Income for Trans People” (GIFT) program, offering unrestricted financial support. What Is the Gift Program? The GIFT program was set up to provide financial support to those who identify as transgender and extremely low-income (<30% of Area … Read more

“Impeachment Bombshell Unveiled” – IRS Insiders and Top Committee Reveal Biden Family’s Global Power-Play Scheme

New evidence from IRS whistleblowers and the Ways and Means Committee links the Biden Family’s global influence-peddling operation to over twenty-three countries across four continents. Selling Access to Vice President Biden The impeachment inquiry has mounting evidence piling up fast, proving that Hunter Biden and his associates sought business deals worldwide by offering access to … Read more

“President Biden’s Worst Nightmare” – Prominent Legal Scholar Presents Compelling Grounds for Initiating an Impeachment Inquiry Against Biden

A growing number of people are starting to believe Biden is guilty of the allegations against him; even legal scholar Jonathan Turley publicly said that he believed there were definitely grounds to conduct an impeachment inquiry. Public Sentiment A recent CNN poll reflects the prevailing sentiment among Americans regarding Biden’s involvement in his son Hunter … Read more