You First Think She Was Showing Support And It’s What Any Wife Would Do But Then You Think Again


A distressed wife was concerned over some events that recently transpired between her and her husband.

The original poster (OP) was seeking advice from Reddit users and posted to the popular subthread “Am I The A**Hole” to see if she was an AH for showing up to her husband’s doctors appointment unannounced.

Her Husbands Troubling Health Issues

OP’s husband was going through a difficult time with his health and had been visiting the doctor regularly.

Despite her request to accompany him, he declined, stating that he preferred to have privacy with his physician.

Showing Up to a Doctor’s Appointment Unannounced

Determined to support her husband, OP decided to attend his next appointment.

When she entered the office, after identifying herself as his wife, she was met with shock from both her husband and the doctor.

An Invasion of Privacy?

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