You First Think She Was Showing Support and It’s What Any Wife Would Do but Then You Think Again

A distressed wife was concerned over some events that recently transpired between her and her husband.

The original poster (OP) was seeking advice from Reddit users to see if she was wrong for showing up to her husband’s doctor’s appointment unannounced. 

Her Husband’s Troubling Health Issues

OP’s husband was going through a difficult time with his health and had been visiting the doctor regularly. Despite her request to accompany him, he declined, stating that he preferred to have privacy with his physician.

When she jokingly asked if his doctor was a woman, he simply glanced at her.

Showing Up to a Doctor’s Appointment Unannounced 

Determined to support her husband, OP decided to attend his next appointment. When she entered the office, after identifying herself as his wife, she was met with shock from both her husband and the doctor. 

Her husband, however, refused to even make eye contact with her or speak to her.

An Invasion of Privacy?

As they left the office, the tension between them was palpable. Her husband accused her of invading his privacy and overstepping his boundaries by following him to the appointment. 

Despite her explanation that she only wanted to show her support as his wife and was already aware of his health issues, he was still upset, feeling that she disregarded his wishes and made his stress levels even higher.

OP’s actions, fueled by her love and concern for her husband, backfired and led to a dramatic confrontation in the car.

Her husband’s accusations left her feeling hurt and frustrated, and she couldn’t help but wonder if she made a grave mistake by not respecting his privacy. 

Disrespecting Her Husband’s Boundaries 

The stress and tension surrounding her husband’s health and this incident put a strain on their relationship and left OP feeling unsure about the future.

She was torn between wanting to support her husband and respecting his boundaries, and the fear that her actions might have permanently damaged their bond.

Was She the in the Wrong?

It seemed like the Redditors saw right through OP. Despite her best efforts to appear as the supportive wife they seemed to think she was checking to make sure his doctor wasn’t a woman. 

One user replied, “Her asking him “jokingly” if the doctor was a woman is a dead giveaway of what her real reasons are.”

Another Redditor blasted OP saying, “First of all, he asked you not to come. That should be enough. Second, you were not there to show him support, you were there to make sure his doctor wasn’t a woman. You sound jealous and irrational, not to mention pushy. Major issues here.”

People overwhelmingly agreed with _sobertaco_ who said, “You don’t have the right to invade your husband’s privacy after he requested to go alone. A signed piece of paper doesn’t give you the right to stalk your husband. You have zero respect for him, obviously.”

What do you think? Was OP trying to show support, or make sure her husband’s doctor wasn’t a woman? Is this love or jealousy?

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