Wedding Planning Gone Wrong: Mom’s No-Bar Decision Leads to Bridezilla Meltdown

Recently, on Reddit’s subthread “Am I The A**Hole?” (AITA), a big discussion was triggered by a Redditor who sought advice from the community.

This is whether she was wrong for refusing to pay for a free bar at her daughter’s wedding.

The Redditor said that both she and her husband had a great relationship with the daughter, but the drinks’ cost had caused a major argument.

The Original Poster (OP) said that she had agreed to cover most of the wedding expenses, including catering, flowers, and cake.

Most Costs Covered Except Drinks

When it came to the drinks, the daughter and her fiancé wanted a free bar paid for by OP and her husband.

The daughter was upset with the mom for not agreeing to cover the cost of every drink for their guests, but she was insistent they wouldn’t do it.

Mom Agreed to Set a Limit