35 Traits in Women That Are Big Turn-Offs According to MSN Readers


When it comes to relationships, everyone has their dealbreakers, things that are simply unacceptable in a partner and can cause a relationship to crumble.

While some dealbreakers may be more obvious, others can be more subtle yet equally important.

It’s also true that something that might be a big red flag for one person could be the main reason for being with that woman.

With that in mind, Mama Say What?! has carried out unashamedly unscientific research scouring the comments sections of similar MSN posts.

#1. Being a Drama Queen

#2. Always Being Too Laid Back

#3. Insecurity Issues

#4. Overspending

#5. Being Too Emotional

#6. Piercings Everywhere

#7. Too Many Fillers

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