Do This If You’re Tired of Wasting Money on Unused Baby Food


Are you tired of constantly hearing slang words from friends or even kids and not understanding what they mean?

Or do you get lost in online conversations filled with modern jargon?

Fear not; you’re not alone. Redditor, MeetingImmediate7744, who obviously was pretty tired of slang themselves, asked, “What slang word/term that drives you insane?”

The question seemed to hit a sore point with many. Here are the top voted responses

#1. “Hack” – 41.8K Votes

AWorldRider replied that, “People claiming a ‘hack’. No, it’s a tip.” Contactdeparture added, “Life hack – drive to work so you get there on time. Wtf….”

Croquetica also replied saying, “My boss told me about this really complicated eating schedule and routine he has and said it was something new called Biohacking. It’s just a diet. Just tell people you are on a diet.”

#2. “This” -23.4K Votes

Baby Rice and oatmeal are bland and not very nutritious by themselves. If you add some other ingredients, you can make great snacks.

Keir_sucks contributed by saying, “I don’t know if this counts, but I can’t stand people replying ‘this’ to comments on here.”

#3. “Today years old” – 20.7K Votes

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