The Groom Never Liked His Stepmom And Refused a Wedding Dance With Her, So His Dad Had a Meltdown Down And Walks Out

A father recently posted on Reddit’s Am I the A**Hole (AITA) subthread asking if he was an AH for walking out of his son’s wedding after he denied his stepmom a mother-son dance.

Jordan, the Original Poster’s (OP) son, is now 27 years old, and when he was 13 years old, he lost his mother.

OP’s new wife, Natalie, came into his life when he was 16 and tried to fill the void left by his mother. However, Jordan never really considered Natalie as his mother.

He refused to let her get close and would shut down any attempts she made to have a close relationship with him.

This led to Jordan moving in with his aunt months after Natalie and OP married.

Despite these early challenges, Jordan and Natalie’s relationship improved. They saw each other more often, and eventually, Jordan invited OP and Natalie to his wedding.

The atmosphere at the wedding was great, and everyone was having fun until later in the evening when OP found out some startling information.

OP learned that Jordan had denied Natalie the opportunity to share a mother-son dance with him and instead chose his aunt for the dance.