The Groom Never Liked His Stepmom and Refused a Wedding Dance With Her, so His Dad Had a Meltdown Down and Walks Out

A father recently posted on a Reddit subthread asking if he was wrong for walking out of his son’s wedding after he denied his stepmom a mother-son dance.

He Lost His Mother

Jordan, the Original Poster’s (OP) son, is now 27 years old, and when he was 13 years old, he lost his mother.

OP’s new wife, Natalie, came into his life when he was 16 and tried to fill the void left by his mother. However, Jordan never really considered Natalie as his mother. 

He refused to let her get close and would shut down any attempts she made to have a close relationship with him. This led to Jordan moving in with his aunt months after Natalie and OP married.

A Relationship With His Stepmother

Despite these early challenges, Jordan and Natalie’s relationship improved. 

They saw each other more often, and eventually, Jordan invited OP and Natalie to his wedding.

The atmosphere at the wedding was great, and everyone was having fun until later in the evening when OP found out some startling information.

No Mother-Son Dance

OP learned that Jordan had denied Natalie the opportunity to share a mother-son dance with him and instead chose his aunt for the dance. 

Natalie told OP about this, and he couldn’t help but feel irritated and upset. OP decided to leave the wedding, and Natalie followed.

Soon after, OP received calls from family members and Jordan. 

He explained to Jordan why he had left, and OP’s son became angry, saying that it was his wedding and that his aunt was essentially a mother to him. 

Jordan felt that Natalie shouldn’t expect any “special treatment.” OP told him that it wasn’t special treatment but a tradition. 

She Caused a Scene

OP said he hurt Natalie’s feelings without reason other than to be malicious. Jordan accused OP of ruining his day and causing a scene.

OP’s family has sided with Jordan and told him that he shouldn’t have left the wedding, no matter the circumstances.

The situation has left OP feeling disappointed and frustrated. He argues that Jordan should have shown more respect and empathy towards Natalie and that the mother-son dance is an important tradition that should have been honored. 

Reddit users responded in a fury and offered some harsh criticisms. The top responder said, “Your wife has never been his mother…I strongly suspect this isn’t the first time you’ve chosen your wife over your son, and that is probably why he moved in with his aunt”, which got over 50K likes on Reddit.

The second highest Redditor stated, “For OP’s son to have moved out after only a few months, I have a feeling the reason is that OP and his wife were trying to force him to accept the stepmom as his “mom” right from the start.” 

The Reddit community overwhelmingly sided with Jordan and said OP was absolutely in the wrong here.

Is something like this worth fighting over? Was Jordan being too stubborn? Is OP choosing Natalie over his son? What would you do?

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