He Called a Woman a Creep After She Interrogated Him About His Daughter

A Reddit user shared his story of being a single dad and being interrogated by a woman at the mall over his daughter.

The original poster (OP) explained that his ex’s parents gave his daughter money for her birthday, so he took her to the outlet mall so she could pick out some stuff.

OP says he’s used to gawking and suspicion when he’s out with his kids. When they got to the mall, OP’s daughter said she had to use the bathroom.

The family bathroom was occupied, so OP sent her into the ladies’ room.

OP waited outside the doorway off to the side so he couldn’t see in when the door opened but so that he would be right there when she came out.

While OP was waiting, a woman came up and gave him an odd stare, and asked him why he was waiting outside the ladies’ room.

OP said no because he has had bad experiences with people who claimed to mean well, only to try getting his children to admit they had been kidnapped and then try to sneak them out to “safety.”

Even though he understands their intentions are good, OP said it gets exhausting to deal with.