His Psycho Vegan Girlfriend Wants Him to Choose Between Her or His Cat

The Original Poster (OP) asked for some advice on Reddit about a big upcoming decision he needed to make. His girlfriend is making him choose between her or his cat.

The relationship between OP and his beloved girlfriend has been a tale of love, compatibility, and mutual respect – or so he thought.

OP was already a pescatarian and tried to transition to an entirely plant-based diet to align with his girlfriend’s cruelty-free values.

After seven months of blissful dating, they were referred to as “the vegan couple” on their college campus.

She was proud of him, and everything seemed perfect. However, beneath the surface lurked a conflict waiting to ignite. Mittens,

OP’s sweet and cuddly cat, whom he has adored for three years, became the source of contention.

His girlfriend, who was once apprehensive around the feline, found it easier to avoid the topic and mostly hang out at her apartment.

The pandemic brought the couple even closer as they spent more time together and discussed taking their relationship to the next level.