His Psycho Vegan Girlfriend Wants Him to Choose Between Her or His Cat

The Original Poster (OP) asked for some advice on Reddit about a big upcoming decision he needed to make. His girlfriend is making him choose between her or his cat. 

A Tale of Compatibility

The relationship between OP and his beloved girlfriend has been a tale of love, compatibility, and mutual respect – or so he thought. 

OP was already a pescatarian and tried to transition to an entirely plant-based diet to align with his girlfriend’s cruelty-free values. 

After seven months of blissful dating, they were referred to as “the vegan couple” on their college campus. 

She was proud of him, and everything seemed perfect.

A Conflict In Waiting

However, beneath the surface lurked a conflict waiting to ignite. Mittens, 

OP’s sweet and cuddly cat, whom he has adored for three years, became the source of contention. 

His girlfriend, who was once apprehensive around the feline, found it easier to avoid the topic and mostly hang out at her apartment.

The pandemic brought the couple even closer as they spent more time together and discussed taking their relationship to the next level. 

They began seriously considering moving in together.

But then, out of nowhere, the girlfriend dropped a bombshell that threatened to shatter the entire relationship.

He Had to Give Up His Cat!

She informed OP that she would not see a future with him unless he was willing to give away Mittens. 

She believed that owning a cat went against vegan principles as they hunted and ate meat.

OP was stunned. He told his girlfriend that he could not give up Mittens, who was a huge part of his life. 

The conversation quickly escalated, with his girlfriend becoming angry and making accusations about the death of animals to provide food for Mittens. 

She said, “How much flesh does your cat eat? How many animals died to make all that food? 

Mittens Is Not Vegetarian

Would you be okay with that being human flesh?”

Feeling hurt and angry, OP left her apartment and sought comfort in the snuggles of Mittens. 

However, his girlfriend did not back down and even sent him a link to a Reddit thread advocating the extinction of domestic cats.

OP finds himself in a dilemma between his love for his girlfriend and his devotion to Mittens. 

He has sought the opinions of his vegan and vegetarian friends, but the outcome is always the same – his girlfriend has lost her mind.

Has She Lost Her Mind?

Where does he go from here? He refuses to give up Mittens, but he also doesn’t want to lose the love of his life. 

He wishes to find a solution but fears that this bizarre conflict may end a beautiful relationship.

Reddit has OP’s back. Nezze wrote, “She suggested to give Mittens away? It makes no sense whatsoever…will she consume less meat with another owner? Of course not. It’s like boasting about your lack of garbage because you dump it all in your neighbor’s yard.”

Another user responded, “As a fellow vegan, no, this isn’t even cool. If she truly cared about animals she wouldn’t ask you to re-home your cat! It has a loving home!”

ElderJayk simply put, “Thank you for doing right by Mittens. You’re a good person.”

Since the original post OP has written an update. He ended up breaking up with his girlfriend and is still living happily in his apartment with his beloved cat, Mittens. 

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