Her Boyfriend Is Worried That She’s Devaluing His House, She Thinks He Shouldn’t Worry

A Reddit user shares her story of her boyfriend being picky about how things are done around the house and her becoming tired of it.

The original poster (OP) explained that she and her boyfriend have been living together for two years. Before they moved in together, OP noticed that he paid careful attention to his belongings.

He would tell OP not to push the window of his car when she was closing the door but to use the handle.

He also told her not to touch his computer monitor with her fingers.

OP said she did what he said because they were his things, and she wanted to be respectful. After they moved in together, it got worse.

OP wasn’t allowed to crush garlic with the side of a blade anymore because he said it might damage the blade later on.

She can’t put any hot objects on the counter or sink because they might leave permanent marks.