Her Ex-Mother-In-Law Was P***ED When She Tried Removing Her From Facebook

A Reddit user recently revealed her act of petty revenge against a cheating ex-husband – only allowing her ex-mother-in-law to see photos of their kids with her in

She split up with her ex after he had an affair, and once he was gone, she finally began to notice all the red flags.

He was completely self-centered and emotionally abused her. Well, her story of revenge starts two years after they broke up.

For her mental health, she began unfriending his family on Facebook. After two years of not talking to any of them, she didn’t see the point in keeping them added.

But this infuriated her ex-husband’s mother; if she were removed as a Facebook friend, she wouldn’t be able to see photos of her grandkids.

Her ex-mother-in-law wants to see what her grandkids do at both their parents’ houses.

Our storyteller thinks this is ridiculous, as her ex-husband doesn’t let her parents see what happens at his house. He doesn’t care about her parents, and he doesn’t do Facebook.