Her Ex-Mother-In-Law Was P***ED When She Tried Removing Her From Facebook

A Reddit user recently revealed her act of petty revenge against a cheating ex-husband – only allowing her ex-mother-in-law to see photos of their kids with her in

She split up with her ex after he had an affair, and once he was gone, she finally began to notice all the red flags. He was completely self-centered and emotionally abused her. Well, her story of revenge starts two years after they broke up.

For her mental health, she began unfriending his family on Facebook. After two years of not talking to any of them, she didn’t see the point in keeping them added.

But this infuriated her ex-husband’s mother; if she were removed as a Facebook friend, she wouldn’t be able to see photos of her grandkids. Her ex-mother-in-law wants to see what her grandkids do at both their parents’ houses.

Our storyteller thinks this is ridiculous, as her ex-husband doesn’t let her parents see what happens at his house. He doesn’t care about her parents, and he doesn’t do Facebook.

Recently she’s noticed that her ex-mother-in-law has been taking her photos and sharing them with her friends and family. The ex-mother-in-law has thousands of friends on Facebook, many that she doesn’t even know.

Our storyteller has tried talking to her ex-mother-in-law, asking her to stop sharing the photos, but she doesn’t listen.

So, for her revenge, our storyteller changed her privacy settings on Facebook. Now, the only photos of her grandkids the ex-mother-in-law has access to are ones with their mother in. She gets to see her grandkids, but she also has to see her husband’s ex-wife, and she doesn’t like sharing those photos.

The ex-mother-in-law hasn’t said anything to our storyteller yet, but she’s sure she is seething. This ex-mother-in-law is the only family member on her husband’s side left on her friend list on Facebook, and their only mutual friends are her parents.

She’s sure her parents won’t share things with her ex-mother-in-law, especially now that she’s told them what’s happening!

She thinks it really is petty, but it feels so good. Amusingly, she ends her story by saying, “she can’t exactly say that she doesn’t get to see photos of the kids.”

Reddit users loved her revenge story, with many people empathizing with the woman’s position.

23slide had the top-rated comment, with over 4500 upvotes. They advised the woman, saying, “Remember to always be in the middle of your kid’s photos, not on the edge. You know, to make removing or cropping you out next to impossible.”

Eidolons comment had over 1000 upvotes. “They said, Not hurting the kids, check. By every means, double down.” This prompted the woman to respond, explaining, “Nope, kids have been kept well away from this. Eventually, I’ll be able to cut ex-MIL out of my life for good and then I’ll just unfriend and she sees nothing from me at all.”

Zookeeper-007 gave our storyteller some extra advice on how to increase her pettiness. They said, “And also remember to post the ugliest pictures of you and your children. Nothing too photogenic or angelic. All the weird faces and bloopers for MIL.”

Rose717 offered up her story of a similar experience. She said, “When I was still sending photos, I’d send blurry ones, the back of the head, a hat pulled over the face, my foul in-laws didn’t get a full normal face photo of my kid for years. And now we’re no-contact, so they get nothing at all! (Laughs in petty!)”

OriginalPeach also shared her experience of her ex-family asking for photos of the children. She said, “When I got divorced I got tired of my ex’s family asking me to post photos. So I created a private website (we’re in Australia and they are in America so they don’t get to see the kid at all). I deleted my fb account for a year. I got rid of friends that weren’t really friends and all my ex’s family all at once. I found out who my real friends were (like hardly any). It was a good experience and I am glad I did it. Go fb free for a while and see what it can do for you!”

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