16 Life Lessons Gen Z and Millennials Don’t Want To Hear


Ah, Millennials and Gen Z! We hear so much about them – their pop culture references, obsession with gadgets, and social media.

But like the young people before them, they shouldn’t ignore the wisdom and experience from older generations.

However, if you feel that today’s younger generation aren’t willing or able to take on board the life lessons you might have, you are not alone.

A recent Reddit thread covered the same topic when Redditor Slight_Weight_7053 asked, “What are teens today not ready to hear?”

#1. Wisdom Comes With Age – 51.7K Votes

Comparison_Past’s contribution was the number one voted response, “As you get older, you continue realizing how dumb you were last year.”

#2. Time Goes Quicker The Older You Get – 40.9K Votes

_Curiousplum’s response saw the second highest number of positive votes. They said, “The older you get the faster it goes.”

#3. Fighting Doesn’t Make You Cool – 33.2K Votes

Redditor honest_owl101 said, In the adult world, getting into fights doesn’t make you look cool; it just makes you look stupid.”

#4. Controversial Doesn’t Mean Interesting – 33.9K Votes

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