She Recorded Her Boss From Hell Screaming And Gets Him Fired After He Denied Her Time Off

A Reddit user shared her office’s tale of their satisfying revenge on a cruel boss.

This woman’s boss was a tyrant. He was the type of boss who would act like he was doing you a favor while talking to you like a child.

Sometimes he’d be downright abusive and loved screaming at people over the tiniest things.

This boss from hell had a vendetta against the female employees and would act as if they were clueless about the job, frequently implying they needed constant hand-holding to achieve anything at work.

On top of this outward misogyny, the boss was a slave driver. He expected everyone to cancel their plans at the drop of a hat and work instead, even going as far as to tell people they had to work on days they’d booked off.

The straw that broke the camel’s back for our storyteller was her boss, who told her she had to come in to work on a day she’d booked off for his sister’s birthday.