She Recorded Her Boss From Hell Screaming and Gets Him Fired After He Denied Her Time Off

A Reddit user shared her office’s tale of their satisfying revenge on a cruel boss.

This woman’s boss was a tyrant. He was the type of boss who would act like he was doing you a favor while talking to you like a child. 

Sometimes he’d be downright abusive and loved screaming at people over the tiniest things.

This boss from hell had a vendetta against the female employees and would act as if they were clueless about the job, frequently implying they needed constant hand-holding to achieve anything at work.

On top of this outward misogyny, the boss was a slave driver. He expected everyone to cancel their plans at the drop of a hat and work instead, even going as far as to tell people they had to work on days they’d booked off.

The straw that broke the camel’s back for our storyteller was her boss, who told her she had to come in to work on a day she’d booked off for his sister’s birthday

Her revenge came in three parts.

Part one: Our storyteller and around ten colleagues agreed to report their boss, but they had to follow the company protocol for complaints. 

They collected evidence of the boss ignoring booked holidays and using inappropriate and sometimes abusive language and compiled it into a single master document.

Part two: The office needed evidence of him screaming at a colleague, and they wanted it to be as damning as possible and needed a volunteer to provoke one of his tantrums. 

Out of everyone involved, the person who volunteered to be bait was the youngest, smallest girl working there. 

This girl made an intentional mistake in her paperwork, the type of mistake a beginner would make. It was like a red rag to a bull. 

The boss took the bait, screaming at her for the whole office to see, as he was known to do. 

He used to publicly shout at colleagues to “rule by fear,” as he’d call it. 

However, no one was fearful this time, and the office filmed his shouting fit from their desks and attached it to the master document.

Part three: This involved sending the master document to the appropriate people. 

Now this company had a very poorly made email system; you could email the entire department with just a department name and the manager’s name. 

Luckily for our storyteller, all of this information – department names and heads – was freely given to employees. 

They could email anyone they wanted in the company, including the CEO.

One morning they sprung into action. 

They waited until peak office work hours, 10 am, made a throwaway email address, and emailed the master document to everyone in the company.  

The icing on the cake was that their boss received the email in his inbox, and they could hear him frantically panicking from his office.

With the email subject as “(BOSS’S NAME) VITAL INFORMATION, (BRANCH NAME), (DEPARTMENT NAME),” it didn’t surprise them when people from all over the company began contacting this horrible boss, asking him to explain this email.

This email chain resulted in HR investigating the boss, and they took “heavy disciplinary action” against him. 

The boss wasn’t fired but instead resigned, disgraced. After a month, the office never saw their tyrant boss again. 

Ironically his replacement was also horrible and unpleasant but to a lesser degree. 

Our storyteller concludes by saying that her ex-boss’s “expressions during the whole ordeal help me sleep at night.”

Reddit users enjoyed this tale of office revenge, as many have had to deal with similar workplace bosses.

The top comment with over 800 upvotes was by our original storyteller, who added, “Also I forgot to mention, one of those colleagues recently found his Facebook and found out that he’s getting a divorce. We have no idea why but people are speculating that it relates to this incident.”

Daylily61’s comment had over 300 upvotes. They said, “Many years ago, I had a boss VERY similar to this guy. Not the same man, because my ex-boss was a partner in the (optometric) practice. I HATE bullies, no matter how they’re packaged.”

What do you think about the story? Did they handle the situation well? 

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