He Suspected She Was Cheating On Him After She Lied About Being With A Friend But The Reality Was Far More Surprising

A concerned Reddit user thought his girlfriend was cheating after she lied she was with a friend. However, he later discovered her true intentions were more surprising.

The Original Poster (OP), a 28-year-old man had been dating his 26-year-old girlfriend for about three years when he decided to propose to her.

However, OP isn’t great at picking jewelry pieces, and he always tries to consult some of his girls’ best friends to ask their opinion on anything he wants to buy for his girlfriend.

Nevertheless, after OP decided he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, he asked her best friend, Justine, to come and help him pick a ring for his girlfriend.

OP’s girlfriend had gone out to visit her sister and baby nephew.

After looking through some catalogs without luck, OP and Justine decided to visit professionals at a jewelry store.

Confronting The Issue