He Suspected She Was Cheating On Him After She Lied About Being With a Friend but the Reality Was Far More Surprising

A concerned Reddit user thought his girlfriend was cheating after she lied she was with a friend. However, he later discovered her true intentions were more surprising.

The Original Poster (OP), a 28-year-old man had been dating his 26-year-old girlfriend for about three years when he decided to propose to her.

However, OP isn’t great at picking jewelry pieces, and he always tries to consult some of his girls’ best friends to ask their opinion on anything he wants to buy for his girlfriend.

Nevertheless, after OP decided he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, he asked her best friend, Justine, to come and help him pick a ring for his girlfriend.

OP’s girlfriend had gone out to visit her sister and baby nephew. After looking through some catalogs without luck, OP and Justine decided to visit professionals at a jewelry store. 

However, since OP didn’t know when his girlfriend would be coming home, he texted her to gauge how much time he and Justine had to shop for the ring.

Still, OP couldn’t believe his eyes when his girlfriend replied she had met up with Justine (who was with him) to go shopping. 

Confronting The Issue

Until then, OP and his girlfriend never had trust issues and told each other everything. However, his girlfriend’s blatant lie confused OP, and he didn’t know how to broach the subject with her.

After thinking of different approaches, OP decided to be truthful and told his girlfriend he had asked Justine to help pick an engagement ring for her because he’d been thinking of marriage. OP then asked what made his girlfriend lie.

False Alarm!

After hearing the question, OP’s girlfriend started grinning and teasing him about proposing and the engagement ring.

But OP insisted she answer the question and explain why she lied to him about being with Justine. Still, OP was shocked when his girlfriend confessed she was shopping for a snake to give him as a gift.

Unlike most people, OP grew up with snakes as pets all his life, and he never felt like he could get one because his girlfriend never warmed up to the idea.

Also, the process that goes into buying and raising snakes is very complicated, so his girlfriend decided to do all this as a surprise. 

She subsequently showed OP a picture of her holding a Kenyan San Boa, which they picked up the following week.

Afterward, OP noted that he did not expect the surprise and felt terrible for ruining it, but he had to clear the air and know if his girlfriend wasn’t cheating on him.

Redditors Have Their Say

Following OP’s post, several Reddit users took to the comment section to give their take. Many of them expected drama and not a snake as a surprise gift, including Reddit user @quackslike, whose comment had the most votes:

“Rattled over nothing.” Another user wrote, “I’m glad to see honesty and communication triumphed. Congrats on your future engagement, your new pet, and a happy resolution!! I’m also chuckling at the TLDR. Snake, but not the ‘snake’ that everyone was thinking. ;)”

Meanwhile, another user noted, “I love how you both were trying to surprise each other, and both surprises were ruined in the sweetest way.”

What do you think about the story? Did OP handle the situation well? Or what would you have done in his shoes?

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