She’s Definitely Flirting With You If She Does These Things

Flirting signs are often hard to read. You never know if you should assume it’s flirting when it’s really not, but you don’t want to miss your chance by ignoring potential signs.

Luckily, when it comes to women, there are a few definite ways to tell if they’re flirting with you versus just being friendly.

#1  You Suddenly Have a Lot in Common

Girls will often take interest in your interests if they’re into you. You’re a Star Wars fan? She is too. You like baseball? She’s buying you guys tickets.

#2 She Invites You Over

No, not necessarily for that, but in a society where women need to be cautious of who they invite over, especially when it’s the opposite gender, it’s a true sign that she trusts you if she extends an invitation.

#3  She’s Always Available

When a woman is into you, she’ll make time for you. She might say she’s busy, but when you call, she answers.