85+ Words of Encouragement for Kids to Uplift and Inspire Them

Speaking to your child in a positive and uplifting way is an essential part of raising happy and mentally healthy kids.

Using words of encouragement for kids is a great way to ensure your child feels loved, listened to, and validated. It will also teach your child how to use encouraging words towards themselves and others through your example.

Using kind language with your child is one of the many important aspects of positive parenting. Setting an example is the best thing you can do to encourage kids to keep going when things get hard and learn to self-motivate.

1. It Builds Self Esteem and Confidence

If you pick up just about any parenting book, you’ll see that most experts agree that parents and other important adult influences in a child’s life play a vital role in helping them build self-confidence and self-esteem.

2. It Teaches the Importance of Trying Rather Than Just Succeeding

You must remember to praise your child for their efforts, not just their success. If you only praise them when they succeed at something, they won’t want to learn anything new.

3. Children Are More Likely to Challenge Themselves

Kids with support and encouragement are more likely to challenge themselves to try new things, learn new skills, etc.

4. It Sets a Good Example for Kids of How They Should Talk to Themselves and Others

Children are sponges; they absorb information from everything around them.

4 Tips for Using Words of Encouragement for Kids

Offer Encouragement Regardless of Outcome While it’s fine to praise a child when they succeed, it’s important that you also practice praising them for trying even if they don’t succeed.

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