30 Cities with a Bad Rap You Should Think Twice About Visiting

Going on trips or even visiting another country is a great thing to do and can be a learning experience for the whole family.

However, only some destinations are hospitable and, many cities have become notorious for all sorts of trouble.

As a traveler whether by yourself or with your family, these places are best to avoid.

According to Reddit users, here are some of the cities with the worst reputations that you don’t want to find yourself in.

#1. Cairo, Egypt

One user who has allegedly spent two years in the city said she was constantly harassed sexually, while another Redditor noted that the only time you should live in Cairo is if you are friends with locals willing to watch over you and follow you everywhere.

#2. Gary, Indiana – U.S.A.

One man shared his experience after telling his wife’s family that they should stop in the city. According to him, they all gave him a dirty look of appraisal before telling him how terrible the city was.