These 30 Traits in Women Are a Big Turn Off For Men


If you’ve ever felt that your dating life isn’t quite what it could be, it might be time to take a step back and examine the traits in yourself that could serve as a turn-off.

It can be challenging to identify these qualities within ourselves.

Still, with some self-reflection and honest evaluation of our behavior, we can start to see which areas may need some extra attention.

In this post, we’ll provide 30 common traits in women that can actually act as major turn-offs – so if any of these resonate with you, then make an effort to work on it!

#1. Anger

A lot of women throw tantrums and act out in relationships. This is a major turn-off for most men who love healthy relationships.

#2.  Awful Manners

Men do not like a woman that lacks basic manners. Knowing when to use magic words like “please” and “thank you” can never be underrated.

#3. Entitlement

Forget Disney’s epic love stories — in reality, nothing screams a red flag for most men more than a woman who feels the world revolves around her.

#4. Playing Dumb

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