Top 10 Best Smart Watches for Kids to Keep Them Safe and Entertained

Smartwatches have become integrated with daily life for many around the world.

It is a natural purchase for adults to help them stay connected and keep them organized.

It may not seem obvious, but a smartwatch is also an excellent option for kids.

The features and designs vary from watch to watch, so think about what you want, and look for those features as you go through the list.

Best Value on a Budget: Kurio Glow Smartwatch for Kids

This watch is a great budget-friendly starter for kids ages four and up. For only $26, it’s a steal!

Best Smartwatch for The Little Ones: Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

This watch is an excellent starter for your little ones, ages four and up.

Best for Tweens and Teens: Apple Watch SE

When it comes to your tweens and teens, you will typically want a watch with the best features so they will be happy using it.

Best Overall and Most Durable: TickTalk4

This watch is rated most durable and best overall because it has excellent features and is listed online for $170 with a coupon. 

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