The Story About TJ’s DIY Baby Book


A child’s life is full of delightful new experiences, especially during the early years.

When I was pregnant with my son, I wanted something to document all these precious memories.

After searching around, nothing really spoke to me, even with some very expensive options.

We got gifted a baby book from the baby shower.

But certain pages, I wasn’t intending to fill out, and it also lacked pages for other bits and bobs.

My antie Jane casually suggested a scrapbook might be the way to go.

Although I knew that she might be right, I just can’t see myself spending hours scrapbooking over fancy patterned paper and gluing decorative borders…

Our DIY Baby Book

Documenting TJ’s “Firsts”

My auntie introduced me to her scrapbooking pal Kathy, who showed me how to document a baby’s “first” using a monthly square calendar digitally and print them out to make them into a scrapbook.

I used Adobe Illustrator to make the generic monthly calendar pages.

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