20 Things to Do in New York City You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

The city that never sleeps has plenty to do for anyone. Want to watch a specific sports team? There’s a bar for that. Delicious, hot, dripping, melt-in-your-mouth pizza at 2 am? Always available. Street food that deserves a Michelin star? New York City has it. In fact, it has it all.

Whether you have or haven’t been before, discover the 20 things to do in New York City you can't find anywhere else that simply can’t be missed.

1. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

Walk the bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn, and be sure to take plenty of pictures of the breathtaking Manhattan skyline! Once you hit the end of the bridge walkway, take a U-turn and look for Grimaldi’s Pizza. Yum!

2. Try Authentic New York Style Pizza

Speaking of Grimaldi’s, it is one of the original brick oven pizza spots in New York City. Upon checking, they only accepted cash, so bring some, or keep your ATM card handy. Then get ready for some serious deliciousness.

3. Walk the High Line

New York City is a walking city. Flex those walking muscles by heading up to the high line. This old abandoned railway track and platform has been transformed into the city’s premier elevated park and walkway.

4. See a Broadway Musical

See a Broadway musical One of the best things to do in New York City is to absorb the talent it offers. NYC’s performing arts scene is one of the best in the world. Broadway gives Hollywood and the entire music industry a run for its money.

5. Visit a Rooftop

One thing a city with amazing architecture has to offer is its views. New York City has no shortage of rooftop bars, restaurants, hideouts, and hangouts.

6. Shopping in Soho

Fashion is ubiquitous in New York City. Soho is about as fashion-forward and trendy as it gets. All of your favorite stores can be found here, along with some unique boutique options you’ve never heard of, with styles you won’t find anywhere else.

7. One World Trade Center

The city isn’t just great for fashion and Instagram. Some of the most significant events in our history have occurred there. The One World Trade Center September 11th Memorial and Museum is a must-see on your trip.

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