The Truth About Canned Tuna: What You Need To Know

Canned tuna is a staple pantry item, and perhaps surprisingly, a lot is going on in that little can.

Not all canned tuna is created equal, though. From a taste, texture, or health perspective, each brand is different.

But canned tuna is incredibly versatile, so let’s dive in and learn what you need to know to buy the right canned tuna for your needs.

Canned, jarred, packed in a pouch, water or oil-packed, or just tuna itself with nothing else, we have the details.

All About Canned Tuna – And How To Eat It Safely & Deliciously

Tuna Types

White tuna is albacore, a species of tuna that is pale in color with a very mild taste. In the U.S., only albacore tuna can be labeled as “white.” A classic American tuna salad is typically made with white tuna

Tuna Nutrition

According to, tuna is considered “an excellent source of the essential omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, proven to help maintain a healthy heart.”

Solid & Chunk Varieties

Tuna labels also sport words like “solid” and “chunk,” but what do they mean? For the largest pieces of tuna, look for “solid” tuna, which is taken from the tuna loin.

Tuna Comes in Cans, Jars – and Pouches!

Canned tuna might be what most of us envision when we think about prepared tuna, but some tuna comes in glass jars, and, newer on the scene, there are now pouches, too.

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