Tech Trend Boomers Loved and Millennials Still (Sort Of) Use Today


Are you a Boomer, ready to take credit for all the cool trends that today’s millennials are enjoying in their offices?

Well, of course, you do! However, Millennials have taken those same office tech trends and made them their own.

From digital walls to virtual meetings, Boomers set the stage, and Millennials have run with it.

That’s why we decided to explore the 11 office tech trends that started in the late 1980s but continue on more than three decades later, thanks to Millennial innovators sticking to what works.

#1. Floppy Disks

For tech-savvy Millennials, it’s hard to imagine the days of floppy disks and how important they were in a pre-internet era.

#2. Rolodex File

Gone are the days of rummaging around your desk, trying to find that important contact information.

#3. Cell Phones

Do you remember when cell phones were more akin to bricks but still carried the mystique of a revolutionary new technology that only unlocked its potential with years of advancements and market saturation?

#4. Personal Computers

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