Practical  Ways To Teach Your Kids Good Money Habits


As parents, we know that financial literacy for kids is critical. But how do we get started? Which topics should we teach, and when?

The tips and ideas below will cover a wide range of financial topics for just about every age and stage.

I hope they’ll help you discover new ways to teach your kids about money. But before we dive into the tips, let’s first define financial literacy.

What Is Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy means having the knowledge and skills to manage your money successfully and confidently.

Financial Literacy for Kids: 6 Effective Ways To Build Good Money Habits

 Model Good Money Habits Children constantly observe and learn from people and the world around them. Therefore, one of the best ways to instill financial literacy in kids is to model good money habits.

Youth Savings Account Youth savings accounts allow kids to experience having their bank account, statements, and debit card.

Parent’s Savings Account For more significant amounts of savings, parents may want to consider shifting some of the child’s excess cash to one of their own savings accounts.

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