25 Sparks Of An Office Romance: Are You Struck By Cupid?”

Office romances can be tricky, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if a colleague is actually interested in you or just being friendly.

However, certain signs can indicate if someone is flirting with you.

From subtle cues to more overt gestures, paying attention to these signals can help you determine if a coworker is interested in more than just a professional relationship. Here are the top 25 signs.

#1. You Suddenly Have a Lot in Common

From the mere discoveries of interests to the more evident ones, your female colleague at work begins to identify most things you share in common.

#2. You Keep “Bumping Into” Her

Another way to discover that a particular co-worker is attracted to you is when you start bumping into her.

#3.  She Glances At You When She Thinks You’re Not Looking