Was He Wrong for Threatening To Out His Son To His Friends For Not Using a Bidet?

A concerned Reddit user took to the subthread, “Am I The Asshole” (AITA) to share his story.

It is how his teenage son cannot do a good job of cleaning up properly after using the toilet and asked if his attempt to get his son to have better toilet hygiene made him an a**hole.

The original poster (OP) started by bemoaning how his 14-year-old son could not wipe properly after using the toilet.

However, he did not make much of an issue out of it because his wife always did the laundry.

However, things changed recently due to his wife having to deal with some health issues.

As a result, OP had to combine her household chores with the usual ones he handles, while his son still maintains his original chores.

On the first day he did the household laundry, the Reddit user narrated how he gagged and nearly threw up at the sight of his son’s underwear.

The concerned father explained that he talked to his son about doing a better job wiping and he promised to change.