Normally This Would Make Her An A**Hole, But Wait Till You Read About How This Bride-to-be Has Been Acting

A concerned sister recently posted on Reddit's Am I the A**Hole (AITA) subthread asking if she was an AH for asking her sister to remove her from the wedding.

Bride or a Bridezilla?

The original poster’s (OP) twin sister was described as a “textbook narcissist” and has a wedding coming in May 2024.

A Difficult Relationship Since Childhood

Growing up with a twin sister who is a “textbook narcissist” has been a constant battle for OP. Their relationship has always been tense because she holds grudges and constantly tries to control every aspect of OP’s life.

Despite OP’s best efforts to make peace, OP’s sister remains hostile and dismissive, leaving OP feeling drained and exhausted.

Constantly Walking on Eggshells

One day they went to lunch, and the atmosphere during the meal was tense as they discussed wedding plans. A harmless question about the MOH’s dress quickly escalated into a storm of wrath.