SHOCKING: Discover the Top 10 Reasons Why Families Are Being Torn Apart


Families fall out all the time, sometimes over the smallest of things. Mostly, people make up, after all, blood is thicker than water, right?

Well not always, sometimes what’s happened in the past has left such a negative impact, history and people are blurred away and forgotten about.

The subject came up in a recent Reddit thread when u/Electrical_Ant6630 asked fellow Redditors, “Why don’t you talk to ‘that’ family member anymore?”

#1. They Didn’t Allow Me To Show Emotion- 24.7K Votes

ThisIsNotTex contribution was the top voted response. They said, “When at my sister’s funeral they told me I had no reason to cry because I wasn’t really family because I was adopted. I was adopted within my own family.

#2. They Gave Away My Home Address – 14.4K Votes

Texandria said that, “When the ex-husband got released from jail for spousal abuse and restraining order violations, she gave him my new home address.”

3. "Stole our grandpa's identity (his dad) and ruined him financially." - 10.0k

Stole our grandpa's identity (his dad) and ruined him financially.

4. "Tried to steal my grandmother's money after she died." - 9.1k

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