She Wanted Him To Get Rid of Their Dog, but It Was His Sons Best Friend

A recent post on the Am I The A**hole subreddit saw a dad asking if he was in the wrong for prioritizing his son’s dog over his wife’s pregnancy.

This guy is a devoted father, and he’s had it tough. His wife suddenly passed away after his son turned eight, leaving them both alone.

To help his son with his grief, this man got him a dog – a Great Dane mix.

His son imprinted on their dog, as any child would after losing a loved one. Now his son is 14 and loves the dog unconditionally.

Minus vet visits, his son is responsible for everything dog related and is an incredibly devoted dog owner. This dog is his best friend.

This man remarried, and his new wife is currently 12 weeks pregnant. However, since they confirmed the pregnancy, she’s been acting weird around the dog she previously loved.

She avoids him when possible, puts her hands over her stomach when he is around, and is constantly on edge.

This was when the conflict between the two began: she told her husband she wanted to rehome the dog, as she’s been getting anxious, thinking he might jump on her.