Grave Errors: Real-World Acts Of Selflessness Gone Wrong

Have you ever been in a situation where you inadvertently do more harm in a bid to do some good or solve a problem?

Many have found themselves in such dicey situations, and a Redditor recently started a thread to get people’s perspectives on this issue.

The Reddit user, WorldsBiggestNarcist, asked, “‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’ what a real-life example of this is?”

So far, the question has garnered 15,000 comments from Reddit users, with more than double that number upvoting to give ten real-life examples of when a good intention created more havoc.

#1. Introducing Foreign Species to Tackle an Environmental Problem – 39k Votes

Addwon’s contribution was the number one voted response, “The introduction of non-native species as a means of solving an environmental problem.”

#2. Introduction of Cholera to Haiti – 22k Votes

Reddit user, Scootarded, proclaimed, “Haiti did not have cholera. A disastrous earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, after the earthquake humanitarian forces from the UN arrived to help, and the Nepalese contingent reintroduced Cholera to Haiti.”