Are You Guilty of These 25 Relationship Dealbreakers?


It’s no secret that relationships can be tricky, but some things are straight-up dealbreakers.

Sure, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but you don’t want to be the one throwing back a perfectly good catch because of some pesky, avoidable issues.

The question came up in a recent Reddit thread when u/thenamestilly asked, “Boys be honest, what makes a girl instantly unattractive?”

The question saw over 24,000 responses, these were the top voted responses.

#1. Entitlement – 26.8K Votes

Neowynd101262 gave the most up voted contributed, they said, “Entitlement.” AhFourFeckSakeLads agreed and said that when entitlement is seen in a woman, you should, “Run like hell.”

#2. Being Rude or Disrespectful – 24.7K Votes

Koevsocks response was the second most popular, they said, “Being rude or disrespectful without a reason.”

#3. Lying – 20.1K Votes

Anomaly1134 gave the third most up voted response. They said, “Lying. Being Flakey. Talking negatively about everything and everyone.

#4. Not Owning Mistakes – 19.0K Votes

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