10 Reasons Why You Probably Don’t Want Kids


Are you one of those people who’s constantly asked, “so, when are you going to have kids?” I

It can be an annoying question and make us wonder why there is such pressure to be a parent.

After all, not having kids can be pretty fulfilling. You don’t burn through your monthly cash, plus, as a bonus, you get a nice 8-hour sleep a night.

If this is you or you know someone who is on the fence about having kids, you’re in luck.

A recent Reddit thread followed Redditor, Ekudar asking what reasons childless Redditors had for not having kids. These are the top voted responses.

#1. “Raised my siblings” – 23.6K Votes

Kelpflowerfish gave the top voted response with, “Raised my siblings. I’m done.” In reply Livelaughween said, “Ugh.

#2. “Kids” – 22.3K Votes

Talk57’s simple contribution was, “Kids.” Chickenmilk_ agreed in saying, “I have kids and I can’t stand other kids. I also accept people can’t stand mine.”

#3. “I am quite fond of sleep” – 21.4K Votes

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