How to Make Recipe Card Kitchen Towels 

Back in the day, recipe cards were pretty much a thing. Now with the internet and Pinterest, you can find and share recipes quickly. No one really hand-wrote recipes for someone anymore.

If you are organized like me, you might have put your recipe books somewhere.  On my computer, I have a list of recipes from my mother and grandmother that I typed out.

While cruising Pinterest one day, a pin from SpoonFlower’s blog came across my page, where the designer, Emma Jeffery, took photos of her grandmother’s hand-written recipe cards and had some fabric custom-printed using Spoonflower.

The result was a spectacular heirloom of her grandmother’s handwriting and a great set of tea towels for her kitchen. She also made one for her mother to have!

This was inspirational, so I set out in search of my mom’s recipe box. It took a long time to find the recipe box, a while to find it, but I recognized it when I saw the 1960s-yellow-and-green-floral-contact-paper cover.

This box has been stored for who knows how long. It has been stored in different parts of my mom’s kitchen for the entirety of my memory. The book contains full recipes from my mom, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunts, recipe books, magazines, and other family members.

I went through to find the ones that were written by my grandmother and my great-grandmother. When my great-grandmother passed away after I was born, my mom got her box of recipes. I could quickly identify her handwriting and discern it from my mom’s.

I already knew what my grandmother's handwriting was, but I was only able to find two recipes written by her. I also went ahead and borrow recipe cards from my mother, dad's mom, and other family members over the years.

I also grabbed some recipes that I wanted to try and test. Once I got home, I scanned all the recipe cards my great-grandmother wrote out and set about arranging them in a nice-looking collage.

I included three recipe cards that were clipped from her newspaper. I liked the charm they added to the designs since I know she used to adhere recipes from the newspaper onto her 3.5″ x 5″ cards with rubber cement so they would fit into her recipe box and not get lost.

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