Mom Gets No Help With Chores From Her Husband, TikTokers Aren’t Happy


A TikTok mom has shared what a day in her life looks like while she’s expecting her fifth child.

Normally, a post like this would garner positive attention, but the lack of help from her husband while she was completing chores quickly became the focal point of people’s attention.

Super Mom

In the video, the mom, or Chrissy Horton, shared the difficulties of her first birth and expressed a desire to help new mothers who are nervous about stepping into this unfamiliar role.

“When I was pregnant with my first baby I had no idea what to expect when giving birth.

I wish I had someone to walk me through how long labor could potentially be, the interventions that are used, and what my options were.

So I decided to document and share my entire birthing experience from start to finish.”

TikTok Reacts

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