Don’t Commit These 10 Destructive Decisions that Can Scar Your Child for Life


Everyone wants to do right by their kids. Sometimes, however, parents can fall flat. And sometimes, you might be making your kid absolutely miserable without even knowing it.

#1. Public Discipline

Sometimes kids misbehave and need to be disciplined. However, in a public place, in a very public way, is not appropriate.

It’s extremely embarrassing for them, and they will likely begin to resent you for using this method.

#2. Encouraging the “Everyone’s A Winner” Mentality

This mentality may work for youth sports, but it’s not a good long-term lesson to teach children. Everyone should be instilled with a healthy amount of competition.

Teaching kids that there are winners and losers in life will help them become ambitious, and celebrating their accomplishments will help build up their sense of self-worth.

#3. Not Putting Your Marriage First

In order to raise good kids, you need to have a strong foundation with your spouse.

If you’re constantly burnt out from spending time with the kids and never make time for you and your spouse, your marriage will inevitably suffer.

#4. Letting Your Mood Affect Your Interactions With Your Child

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