Gain A Whole New Perspective: Discover What 10 Things Millennials Teach Boomers

It’s no secret that Millennials and Boomers often don’t see eye-to-eye.

After all, they grew up in very different worlds – Millennials, in their younger years, saw the world go through significant economic and technological growth.

On the other hand, many Boomers faced substantial financial difficulties, the oldest were born just after WW11 into a time of great economic difficulties.

There is a lot that Boomers can learn from us Millennials – from creative business models to harnessing the power of technology for our own benefit.

#1. The Power of Social Media

Baby Boomers may have missed the social media revolution, and perhaps many think that people their age should be using different things than Gen Z and Millennials.

#2. Embracing Change

There’s no doubt that Baby Boomers have seen their fair share of change. They remember a time before the internet and cell phones.