12 Lessons On Life Gen Z Are Teaching Boomers


As Baby Boomers, we often think we know it all.

After all, our generation has seen it all – from the civil rights movement to the technological revolution and everything in between.

We are resilient and knowledgeable about what works and how to get things done.

However, Gen Z might have something to teach us when it comes to life skills and world views.

#1. Gen Z is the Most Diverse Generation Ever

This diversity is due in part to changing immigration patterns and interracial marriage, but it also reflects the increasing acceptance of people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds in American society.

#2. They Are More Open to Change

Gen Z has grown up in a time of rapid change, and as a result, they are more open to change than any other generation.

They are comfortable with change in their personal lives, such as moving to a new city or changing careers. They are also comfortable with change in the world around them, such as same-sex marriage and legal marijuana.

#3. Gen Z Are Way More Tolerant of Others

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