Was He Right For Walking Out of a Restaurant Leaving His Girlfriend?

A recent “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subthread on Reddit saw someone ask whether he was wrong to walk out on his girlfriend while having dinner.

The Original Poster (OP) explained that while he and his girlfriend were sitting at the table, she received a text from her best friend.

Her friend had just given birth by C-section, and as a nurse, the girlfriend told the boyfriend that the surgeon would have made an incision and that the friend would be left with a scar.

OP replied, as a joke, that “at least she’ll still be tight down there.”

He explained that his girlfriend “looked confused and then said that was a weird comment to make about her friend.”

OP added “I then said it is a very normal joke to make and she disagreed. TLDR there was some back and forth, I asked her to drop it and she kept trying to talk about it.”

The back and forth continued until frustrated, OP got up and walked out of the restaurant, and drove home.

The girlfriend tried to call him several times, which he ignored and then switched off his phone.