10 Reasons the Kartrite Turned Us Into an Indoor Water Park Resort Family


Hopping in your car or on a flight to see one of the 10,000+ cities worldwide with your family might be on the top of your vacation list.

But sometimes you want a break from the part-time job of planning a vacation.

You want to get away close to home, have a blast with your kids and make fun-filled family memories without the hassle of vacation planning.

That’s the beauty of indoor water park resorts cropping up in destinations across America and the globe.

After our first indoor water park resort experience at The Kartrite, New York State’s largest indoor water park inside a modern, premium hotel, we see why families love this vacation.

10 Things We Loved About the Kartrite

When talking to friends and family about our trip, we mention these ten things the most.

Additionally, adults will appreciate the sophisticated, upscale design elements that make the Kartrite feel more like a premium resort and less like a kitschy children’s water park.

1. An Indoor Water Park Resort Can Be Fun and Stunning

When entering the water park itself, you’ll see the beautiful Catskills mountains views from a stories-high, clear roof.

Additionally, the park gives off tropical island vibes with its 84-degree year-round temperature and abundant tropical vegetation throughout the rides and attractions.

2. Outdoor Play Space: Games, Obstacle Course, and More

We loved the courtyard area with a wooden obstacle course, ample lawn space, and three outdoor games to choose from.

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