iPhone Parental Controls Every Parent Needs To Know

We are in a digital world, and a large percentage of children have access to smartphones. With the convenience and accessibility of technology, more parents are allowing their kids to use phones at an early age.

While this can be beneficial in many ways, there are risks to indulging young kids with unrestricted screen time.

A 2018 study of elementary school students found a link between increased screen time and behavioral problems such as restlessness, reduced attention span, and hyperactivity.

Smartphone usage can endanger a child’s physical, mental, and emotional development, making parental supervision vital. Fortunately, iPhone’s parental control app provides a safety net for minors. Parents can easily monitor and manage their child’s digital activity.

Introducing iPhone Screen Time

The iPhone’s Screen Time is one of the best parental control tools to ensure kids are safe while using their smartphones.

Screen Time Setup

To activate Screen Time and access parental controls on an iPhone, use the following steps: 1. Navigate to the Settings app and select Screen Time 2. Tap on Turn on Screen Time and Continue 3. To enable Screen Time, tap on it twice, then select “This is My Child’s iPhone”

iPhone Parental Controls: Screen Time Settings

After activating screen time, you can start customizing parental controls on your kid’s phone. Find these settings by navigating to Settings> Screen Time.

Content and Privacy Restrictions

The Content and Privacy Restrictions feature on iPhone’s Screen Time allows you to customize your children’s device usage. Use this control setting to block access to explicit content, limit app activity, and set up age-appropriate app restrictions.

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