He Was P***ed With Drivers Parking On His Land, So He Decided to Give Them a New Year’s Icy Suprise, They Were Mad

This is a great story from Reddit about something many of us can relate to; other people parking on our land with our permission.

The Original Poster (OP) reminisced about when he took revenge on people who parked in his private parking spaces.

Twenty years ago, OP’s family owned two apartment buildings, each containing three units in the suburbs of Chicago.

Two were the family’s homes, while the tenants rented the others. But alas, only some units came with a parking spot.

Houses filled the streets, and drivers quickly claimed the scarce parking spots.

However, OP’s family had more land than their neighbors, and they had managed to create parking for sixteen cars. For decades, this had been enough.

But then, the unthinkable happened. Cars started appearing in their lot, cars that did not belong to their tenants.

One day, the family blocked one of these cars in, only for the a**Hole driver to plow through their bushes and yard to escape!