How You Can Make Recipe Card Kitchen Towels

If you are organized like me, you might have put your recipe books somewhere. On my computer, I have a list of recipes from my mother and grandmother that I typed out.

While cruising Pinterest one day, a pin from SpoonFlower’s blog came across my page, where the designer, Emma Jeffery, took photos of her grandmother’s hand-written recipe cards and had some fabric custom-printed using Spoonflower.

The result was a spectacular heirloom of her grandmother’s handwriting and a great set of tea towels for her kitchen. She also made one for her mother to have!

When my great-grandmother passed away after I was born, my mom got her box of recipes. I could quickly identify her handwriting and discern it from my mom’s.

I already knew what my grandmother’s handwriting was, but I was only able to find two recipes written by her.

Once I got home, I scanned all the recipe cards my great-grandmother wrote out and set about arranging them in a nice-looking collage.

I included three recipe cards that were clipped from her newspaper. I liked the charm they added to the designs since I know she used to adhere recipes from the newspaper onto her 3.5″ x 5″ cards with rubber cement so they would fit into her recipe box and not get lost.

Next, I open Adobe Photoshop to delete the backgrounds on each card and adjust the color and contrast to my liking.

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